Career Fair

At Local 67 Apprenticeship and Training we train the best and brightest Ironworkers in the nation.

Ironworkers along with the other Central Iowa Building Trades recently did a co-venture with Build My Future to host a Career Fair at the Iowa State Fair Grounds to showcase our trades and for recruitment of men and women in our areas. There was an extremely large turn out for this event. The consensus is that there is a growing number of buildings, and construction jobs in the U.S. and a shortage of skilled workers which is why the Central Iowa Apprenticeship programs have so much value today.

As people still push college on young men and women and the ever-increasing tuitions for them, we offer a training program where you can “earn while you learn.” It allows you to work a 40+ hour work week making premium wages and excellent benefits including a pension, an annuity, and health, vision, and dental plan, all above and beyond your hourly rates.

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